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Urban Form

Robin, to the north on the latter part of your walk is a development called Charleston Place. It is a small but good example of a new form of urban design called "New Urbanism". Mizner Park in Boca, CityPlace in West Palm Beach, Celebration in Orlando and Seaside in the Panhandle are other good examples. A really quick & enjoyable way to learn about new urbanism is to watch the movie "The Truman Story" which is set in Seaside. Principles of new urbanism include higher density, mixed commercial & residential uses, and other features which you can pick up in the links below. The links with the red arrow on the left are the ones I think are most useful, but I am prejudiced because I was part of the team that designed Dodoma, Tanzania. This is a world-wide phenomenon as you can see in the Wikipedia page of examples. One of the leading proponents of new urbanism is a firm in Miami led by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyderbek who are husband and wife, and they designed many of the Florida examples. I am thinking that if you learn about this it might help you create a niche for the renewal of your sales work and I think you would find it fun. I'll be happy to talk more with you about it. If you click on "E-Mail" on this website your message should come to me. Enjoy.... and Happy Thanksgiving.

Urban Form (18 links)

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