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Sustainable Development

Dr. Jeffrey D Sachs of Columbia University has created an on-line course and forum called The Age of Sustainable Development. Today (9/11/2014) was the first lecture and discussion. It was an hour long and will be available on YouTube. ("The recording will be available on his Hangout On Air Event page and on his YouTube channel.") An earlier version of this lecture is at The Age of Sustainable Development | Lecture 14, Chapter 1 This lecture reports on the goals proposed by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

  1. End Extreme Poverty Including Hunger.
  2. Achieve Development Within Planetary Boundaries. (respect the limits of our planet)
  3. Ensure Effective Larning For All Children and Youth for Life and Livelihood.
  4. Achieve Gender Equality, Social inclusion, and Human Rights For All.
  5. Achieve Health and Wellbeing At All Ages
  6. Improve Agricultural Systems and Raise Rural Prosperity.
  7. Empower Inclusive, Productive, and Resilient Cities.
  8. Curb Human-Induced Climate Change and Ensure Sustainable Energy.
  9. Secure Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity, and Ensure Good Management of Water and Other Natural Resources.
  10. Transform Governance for Sustainable Development.

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