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What is Reality ? "Only One" or "Context Dependent"

Carl has asked me to comment on the concept of reality which is showing up quite often among the FuzzyMaps. This is a subject we'd have likely engaged back when Mother Debbie was leading our discussions, and I'm happy to engage it at this time of possibly better perspective. After all, I now have easy conversational access to the minds of Aristotle, Plato, Frege, Wittgenstein, Russell, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche while Carl is able to manage the typing which is not so convenient for me now. I expect this will become an ongoing topic of discussion, so here's my opening which is consistent with Richard Rohr's assertion that there is only one Reality. He says any distinction between natural and supernatural, sacred and profane, is a bogus one. So that makes Carl's and my collaboration on this easily understandable.

Carl and I are both oriented to systems thinking. We believe that things have meaning best understood in relation to their context. If you read Fr. Rohr's explanation you'll see that his context is holiness, morality and sanctity and he makes his point well. If, however, you are exploring the reality of a spider monkey high in a tree and he slips he is engaging a different reality context. Still, gravity abides by a very consistent reality so we can continue to argue that there is only one reality.

What of the asserted purpose of FuzzyMaps, to help in the creation of bridges between people who live in the distinct realities they sometimes create for themselves that are sometimes very unfriendly. This implies that we get to create our own "reality", and in the context of our emotions, our choices, and our behaviors that's an argument we can make. Perhaps among the things we should teach and learn is the process of shaping a useful reality and discernment of when our reality needs examination. We might also want to argue that these "self-created realities" are less a reality and more a delusion. That's why we are here, and we are happy to make this assertion of our respect for Fr. Richard Rohr. We have more to learn from him. (by Frank R. Moore, August 3, 2013)

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