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Our Core

There is a deep place within us where we have always known who we truly are. Our inability to call it forward has created lists of conditions and diagnosis's in the medical world, that seem to undermine and label the efforts put forth by the Soul - to be free, to feel loved and to be living as ones true authentic self.

The part of us that is our Truth can work against us if we don't honor ourselves - it can manifest as a feeling of isolation, feeling unseen and misunderstood by family and friends; it can be that lonely feeling even when one is around many people.

It can also be a person who has the ability to see through things and feels crazy because there is no outer validation or support, it can also be a fear of what others will think, so one pushes down and holds back who they really are.

It can manifest as repressed anger and resentment against all who have harmed us, causing us physical symptoms. It can bring about obsessive tendencies.

It can create a deep desire to belong and so one seeks a feeling of home and connection, but never feels at home within because the treasures are pushed away and seen as a problem ~ so we give our power away.

This is all very old paradigm stuff that we may relate to.

The mix of all these things can cause depression, mood swings and confusion...

Waking up is not some new revelation - many of us have known who we are all along and have been very awake, but just totally disorientated in this artificial world.

The challenge is in fully bringing ones true nature to the surface and not allowing oneself to buy into the projections that others may throw, or feel insecure for not fitting in or like one is trapped and stuck here and is not supposed to be here.

Many have allowed their treasures and uniqueness to become a curse and a personal prison. When we unlock our own shell and barriers and resistances to stepping into our Power and Freedom, we liberate All.

~ Laura M, published at The Return of the Divine Feminine

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