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Men Are Hurting

The Men's Spirituality Group of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church has been reading works by Richard Rohr and will be going on retreat in mid-March with more attention to Rohr's work. The text below is from his book "Adam's Return", and it is especially interesting in relation to •  Planetary Healing Needs Women in Leadership   We will improve this page before and during our retreat in Mid-March. Rohr's text follows.

The patterns of failure among our young men are frightening; the levels of depression, suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, and violence among young males today are exponential: “Over 94 percent of all inmates are male. Not only do men live an average of seven years less than women, but they suffer far more than their female counterparts from ulcers and other stress-related diseases. They are more likely than women to die sooner from each of the fifteen leading causes of death.... Over 80 percent of all suicides are men. In the twenty-twenty-four age bracket, males commit suicide almost six times as often as females. When men are over eighty-five, they are over fourteen times as likely to commit suicide as women of the same age. Men are hurting.” (Weldon Hardenbrook, 1996)

For twenty years we were told that our whole education system was biased toward the success of boys and men, and yet now the results appear to be exactly the opposite. In recent years, girls have been surpassing boys in leadership positions, valedictorian addresses, graduation, and many of the more important jobs afterward. It is not politically correct to speak about this in many circles, the assumption being the opposite. Boys are succeeding largely at sports, but even there the young women are moving in, and boys' confidence continues to falter.

You need a good bull elephant around or you won't know how to be an elephant at all. I was a jail chaplain for fourteen years in Albuquerque, and the only thing that almost all prisoners had in common was that none of them had good fathers.

by Richard Rohr (Adam's Return”, 2004, pp 13-14)

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