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Masculine Archetypes

The Sacred Masculine ~ The Four Archetypes

The King ~ the fully conscious male commanding leadership with respect. He is associated with authority, order, law & direction. He has two shadow 'wings' identified as the Tyrant & the Weakling. The immature boy version of the King is the Divine Child that can also be a child-tyrant or a weakling. The Warrior ~ the holy campaigner or activist. He has courage, persistence & devotion. He has two shadow aspects of the Sadist & the Masochist. His immature boy version is the Hero, that can descend into the bully or the coward. The Magician ~ full of consciousness, growth & transformation, often associated with our 'third eye' of insight & intuition. His shadow side can be exposed as the Manipulator or the denying Innocent. His immature boy version is the Prococious Child, that can descend into the trickster or the dummy. The Lover ~ sensual & delightful, appreciating goodness, truth & beauty. His shadow sides include the Addicted Lover & the Impotent Lover. His immature boy self is the Oedipal Child, that can descend into mama's boy or the dreamer.

~ Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

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