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Fuzzy Maps

Here's a Facebook group that is doing similar work under the name "Fuzzy Cognitive Maps". And if one wanted to get involved, helpful tools were developed at a state university in Pensacola When I discovered this several years ago I learned that they have collaborators at universities all over Florida and I guessed I could find collaborators at FAU, but I never set about finding them.
I was drawn to this book because the subject of presenting very complex information has always interested me. is superb at presenting data gathered by people's clicks on music, movies & books at, and what it presents is very interesting. The book "Visual Complexity" has lots of other examples with lots of different kinds of data, so it stimulates imagination. In the press this subject is being called "Big Data". The progression in our lifetime from encyclopedias & libraries, then the internet, then Google & Facebook, and now a whole new order is a more dramatic paradigm shift than anything else I can think of. The places you use your cell phone, the times your car passes thru Sunpass, how your money flows, all this is being tracked so there is now a big subject on how to use it all. "Big Data" is what this is being called. I got two copies of the book so if Jacob sees value in it he can keep it.
Here's field theory (and constructivism). The website below juggles information in a way that makes vivid how field theory works. This website tells more about the history of this technology and it's creator. The creator of this technology is French. I've tried to contact him but he has not responded.

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