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Clearly we hold "love" dear and see it as immensely important to survival of the human species and of individuals like ourselves. But we also have ways to mess it up. Some of these ways are really hard to handle, but we also have ways of messing up love that we should be able to handle. The word "fracking" comes to mind as an analogy for these things we ought to be able to handle. Our quick instincts often make them seem very right, but a little more care might be possible and might make "love" more possible. I expect to do more with this, but right now the following seems possible.

If you do a quick little thing that startles me in a not so nice way I believe my better sense can stifle my quick impulse to be irritated. And maybe that can help you keep love safe inside you. I pledge that I will learn how to do this and I will do it starting immediately. If I fail in this pledge and dump onto you some irritation that gets in the way of love, maybe you will be able to simply point out my failure without getting irritated in your response. I hope I will not present you with this conflict, and I earnestly pray that I will honor and respect my pledge with consistency. I believe we have risen above great adversity in our individual and shared history and I believe we can do this. However you would like to talk about this I pledge to be respectful and to work to preserve our possibilities for "love".

This does not require a response from you. This is a statement of who I want to be and who I commit I will be.

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