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"Just 737 interlocking networks control 80% of global corporate economic activity. Just 147 corporate entities control 40% of wealth in the network.

Some behavior is out-and-out criminal according to existing statutes. Most of it is murky or technically legal, costing the rest of us trillions of losses in taxation and retail costs. What’s most criminal is what isn’t considered a crime.

Hiding large sums in fake shell companies is the nervous system of how global power elites operate.

The U.S. ranks third in the world in financial secrecy, almost as good a haven as Panama and the Cayman Islands. So many of the world’s most powerful groups benefit that no one in power remotely wants a transparent system.

Legal corruption includes the titanic “income defense industry” to shield profits and wealth from taxation and scrutiny. The Tax Justice Network estimates that up to $32 trillion is stashed away in tax havens globally.

If all the Fortune 500 companies paid taxes on their sheltered profits, the government would garner a whopping $717 billion in revenues. The entire 2015 US federal budget deficit was $438 billion.

The list of illegal activities is so long that you could make a dent in deforestation by recycling the shredded documents. The scale is like a cartoon super-villain.

When these companies do get busted, it’s a corporate catch-and-release program with a fine that’s like a stingy tip for a royal banquet. Only minor employees are ever punished. Usually only the whistle blowers land in real trouble.

About 2/3 of the world’s CO2 and methane emissions dating back to the birth of the industrial era have been the responsibility of just 90 corporations.

These “carbon majors” now face serious liability: fraud and civil conspiracy charges for funding climate-deniers while internally acknowledging the chilling science of global warming.

They also bear a severe market risk: the inevitable global transition off fossil fuels. They will fight to the bottom of the 55-gallon barrel. The world is at stake.

This corporate racketeering is principally what stands in the way of implementing real solutions to create a restored world. The system is the crime.

The only way to arrest a vicious circle is with an intervention. Too-big-to-fail or too-big-to-jail means too big and go to jail. A growing movement is rising to revoke corporate personhood and corporate rights.

A complementary movement is seeding a distributed clean economy with democratized ownership founded in values of ecological wellbeing and the public good."

~Kenny Ausubel 2016 Bioneers Conference

Imagining Our Way Out of the Unimaginable

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